“A Woman’s Work” is based off the images beyond the screen option and focusing on the relationship between woman’s labour and the commodification of an image or work. The images used are two copies of my sister’s ultrasound of her twins at approximately 5 and a half months. One of the photos was cut into strips and while the other one had slits cut into and then the two images were woven together using a basic weaving method. This technique refers to ‘woman’s work’ such as weaving baskets. The work that is put into these items is often underestimated, and the prices are low as people take advantage of woman’s labour. I printed the images on washi Japanese paper to give a delicate skin like feeling since the images are representing humans in their most fragile form. Finally, I decided to print the images on a large scale to make a bigger impact on the viewer and to draw attention to the labour put into it.
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